Justin Bieber Is Probably Ruining Your Dinner, Says Science

by : UNILAD on : 10 Dec 2015 10:06

According to a new scientific study, the type of music you listen to when you eat can have an effect on how it tastes.  


The study, conducted for Just Eat by Oxford University psychologist Professor Charles Spence in the field of ‘gastrophysics’ – an area of science which basically involves listening to music and eating a variety of delicious meals –  has revealed that certain music can enhance your taste buds.

Professor Spence’s research took 700 takeaway fans and subjected them to six different types of music while they tucked in to different types of food. Their results revealed that indie rock music can turn up the heat on a curry, a smooth sprinkling of jazz will make your Thai green curry sing and you’re best off sticking on some Pavarotti if you’re sitting down to an Italian.


In major gastrophysical news, the research showed that Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ elevated peoples’ enjoyment of their Chinese food while – as we’ve long suspected – Justin Bieber just makes everything worse as, when the 700 test subjects were played Biebs’ 2010 hit ‘Baby’, they reported that it ruined all the food.


Professor Spence said: 

Most of us believe that we experience food primarily through sense of taste, smell, and vision, but a growing body of research now shows that the music playing in the background can also have an influence. It is an exciting area: how soundscapes and music come together with taste to make the whole experience more stimulating, more enjoyable, and possibly even more memorable… It’s a kind of digital seasoning. In summary, don’t play Justin Bieber when you order a takeaway.


Thanks for confirming our suspicions, science.

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