Ketchup Is No Longer The UK’s Favourite Sauce


Ketchup is the condiment of the Gods – it’s the perfect accompaniment to many of life’s culinary delights.

We wouldn’t say it goes with everything, because what can? But in terms of sheer versatility, Tomato Ketchup has got to be up there with the best?

Nothing can quite beat the cooling sweet nectar on the tip of a perfectly cooked, piping hot chip on a winter’s evening.


Yet in the war of the sauces, one in particular has beaten the bookies’ favourite to become Britain’s Most Popular Sauce.

The new title has been awarded to the European staple Mayonnaise.

To be fair, we can get with this. Mayonnaise is equally as special as Ketchup, but just in a different way.


Chips might not be as good with mayonnaise as they are with Ketchup but they’re pretty damn close and there’s plenty of food which just can’t be beaten with a bit of mayo’.

If you add a bit of garlic and some herbs into the equation, you’ve got yourself a winner.

The award comes from Kantar Worldpanel, who show the egg-based condiment had been coming up on the inside of Ketchup for quite a while.


It seems Tomato Ketchup has been slipping for quite some time, with sales falling almost three per cent compared to last year.

Comparatively, mayonnaise sales are on the up, rising by almost seven per cent.

According to marketing expert from Cowan, Laurie Booker, this might be due to innovation in the mayonnaise industry (not a sentence I thought I’d write today).


Laurie told The Sun:

There have been some interesting innovations within mayo while ketchup has remained largely the same.

A wider flavour choice means mayo has become more appealing and intriguing.


Hard to argue there – experts are also suggesting sauces like brown and barbecue will suffer as consumers move further away from meat.

To be honest, we find this debate a bit reductive, we all know everybody has pretty much every sauce, ever, conceived in their cupboards for every specific occasion.

Some sauces are just born better than others.