KFC Are Trying Out ‘Romantic’ Table Service For Valentine’s Day

Jon Super/PA Wire

In an age, where it seems romance is pretty much dead, it’s nice to see are biggest fast-food gaffs are trying to help us out with our love lifes…

Take KFC for example. If you were worried that a bargain bucket and all the sides wasn’t good enough for Valentine’s Day, think again.

Jon Super/PA Wire

This Valentine’s Day, KFC are trialling a date-night table service and are even considering rolling out nationwide in 2017. Exciting times?

The date-night ‘experience’ is complete with linen napkin, candle, table service and even flowers- what a treat! You even get your own sommelier to recommend whether Pepsi or Sprite would go with the dish of your choice.

Jon Super/PA Wire

This initial trial will commence in the Fishergate branch in Preston, Lancashire and is apparently KFC’S most romantic restaurant.

Not only because it was the first to open in the UK, but was also key part in the love story of Bob and Pat Fogg, who’ve been married over 50 years.

A bargain bucket and Netflix and chill, welcome to Valentine’s Day 2016 peeps.