KFC Australia’s Dick Joke On Twitter Massively Backfires

China KFC ComebackAP/Andy Wong

It’s fair to say that KFC massively cocked up on Twitter last night.

In a massive PR disaster for KFC Australia, it seems they clearly misjudged on how its audience would handle an adult joke.

The fast food giant tweeted the NSFW image on Friday as part of a social media campaign for its new Hot & Spicy chicken range.

Here it is in all its glory:


The image features a woman appearing to be grabbing for something from near her mates crotch.

Those with a not-so-dirty mind can clearly see it’s a bucket of chicken wings, unlike the rest of Australia who seemed to think it was his dick. Awkward.

The tweet was swiftly removed from the platform, but the damage was already done.

And, of course, the people of Twitter had a massive field day:


With a couple of them going a bit Daily Mail reader on it too:


There’s no denying it was in pretty bad taste, but someone has either probably lost their job or received a massive payrise, because this NSFW marketing campaign still seemed to get the job done:


I would just stick to making fried chicken guys, that joke was certainly no zinger. (I will see myself out).

KFC have since removed the tweet and apologised.