McDonald’s And KFC Branches Are Banning Under 18s Without Adult Supervision


If you lived in a bit of a shit hole of a town as a teen, like myself, the chances are that you probably spent many a night in your local Maccies.

Simply because there was fuck all else to do and it acted as the ultimate hangover destination to tuck into a cheeseburger or 10 to put that right.

But this could soon become a thing of the past, now KFC have followed McDonald’s in banning under 18’s from a couple of their branches.

A McDonald’s in Meir Park, Stoke-on-Trent, made the decision to ban all unsupervised youngsters after they had to call emergency services to deal with a fight between a gang of 24 teens.

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Eight people were arrested after police sent armed officers and a helicopter to reports of a fight and gunshots. They’ve now been bailed.

Now a KFC in the same area is following their lead in order to try and stop any any unruly behaviour while people are tucking in to their bargain buckets and whatnot.

Speaking to The Independent, KFC manager, Liam Dalgarno, said:

The way some of these youngsters act can be scary for staff. People shouldn’t have to experience that. Under-18s are not strictly banned from the premises, they can come in to order their meal but then they have to take it out. A minority had been causing trouble. Really they only came in for the Wi-Fi but we have reduced the distance of it so now it only reaches the doors.

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To be fair, the last thing you really want to see while you’re stuffing your face with all the food is a load of lads having a massive brawl.

Liam added:

We had problems on a daily basis and we work closely with our PCSOs and police officers. We have gradually started noticing a difference since this policy was introduced and these measures help the staff to feel safer at work.

Could this be the start of something a lot greater?