KFC Release Bath Bomb That Leaves You Smelling Like Fried Chicken

by : Julia Banim on : 02 Nov 2017 12:27
KFC / Village Vanguard

There aren’t many things more relaxing in this life than lying back in the tub with a sweet smelling bath bomb.

The scents of lavender, rose or general fruity flowery-ness carry you away from the cares of the day on a magic carpet of bubbliness.


However, how do you feel about chilling out in a bath smelling of a family bucket of KFC?

For some hardcore fried chicken lovers, this would be their idea of heaven on Earth…

KFC / Village Vanguard

KFC and novelty retailers, Village Vanguard (the geniuses behind soup baths) have *at last* joined forces to create a cluck-urious KFC bath bomb.


The savoury bath product is officially known as ‘Chicken Smell Bathing Powder’ and is jam packed with the Colonel’s top secret potion of 11 herbs and spices.

To add an extra dose of realism, the deep-fried frother is shaped like a hearty drumstick – just don’t be tempted to take a bite as this will no doubt ruin your chicken-zen.

KFC / Village Vanguard

Close your eyes, apply a generous helping of grease and gravy to your hands and you’ll feel as though you’re truly lying on the floor of your local KFC branch, soaking up those good vibes.


Unsurprisingly, this fragrant bomb has caused an explosion of excitement.

One woman declared:

Might quit my job and sell homemade KFC bath-bombs on Etsy

Another wise person wrote:


Be thankful you exist at the same time as KFC bath bombs.

Sadly – much like in the dystopian Netflix drama, 3%, only a handful of crispy skin fanatics will be able to enjoy this unique experience.


First of all, you must be living in Japan – where I hear KFC is a festive treat (ideal stocking filler anyone?)

Exactly 100 people will be chosen, via lottery each day from 1 November to 15 November, which – let’s face it – really makes this aromatic product more finger biting than finger lickin’.

In order to be in with the chance of winning the coveted prize, you must retweet the following KFC tweet, all the while crossing those oh-so-delicious fingers…

As well as receiving the grand soapy prize itself, the lucky winners will also receive a red and white KFC-branded box along with a coupon for a ‘Secret Combination Pack’, containing some of the most popular menu items.

This isn’t the first time KFC have pecked their way into your beauty regime.

They’ve made it possible to smother KFC sunscreen over yourselves and paint your nails with edible nail polishes flavours, including Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy.

You can lick your lips all day long, secretly enjoying the taste of a zesty KFC lip balm and when you return home, you can really unleash your love for the Colonel, by lighting a KFC scented candle in his honour.

Seems a lot of you are pretty excited:

There are no current plans to launch the product in the UK, so Brits will just have to bathe in their own KFC scented tears for now.

It’s a Colonel Sanders world after all and we’re all just living in it…

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