KFC Releasing Ultimate Burger With Chicken Bun


KFC have done the unthinkable –  made a burger using chicken fillets instead of the bun and it’s finally coming to the UK.

Yes you read right, the ‘Double Down’ is two pieces of original recipe chicken instead of a bun and it comes with melted Monterey Jack cheese, crispy bacon and BBQ sauce.

It’s already been released in other countries and KFC have said it now has a ‘cult following around the world’, having sold out in every location it’s been launched in so far.


The Double Down will be launched in the UK on the 9 October 2017 and will be available for a limited run of just six weeks.

The fast food chain say it’s the most ‘hotly anticipated release for KFC for years’.

KFC are going all Hypebeast on us and comparing the Double Down drop to brands like Palace and Supreme – with limited runs and loyal fans.

Speculation has been rife online and excitement is growing amidst cryptic tweets from KFC themselves:

Great, great idea.