Lab-Grown Cellular Meat Could Be In Supermarkets Within Five Years

by : Emily Brown on : 25 Apr 2021 16:23
Lab-Grown Cellular Meat Could Be In Supermarkets Within Five YearsPexels/Mosa Meat

Lab-grown cellular meat could be in supermarkets within five years as research is underway to determine what consumers think of the product. 

With cutting back on meat known to be one of the best ways to help save the planet, an increasing number of consumers are now looking for alternatives to the original animal products.


Supermarkets are now rife with plant-based options, but the concept of lab-grown meat is also gaining traction across the globe.

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Simon Somogyi, director of the Longo’s Food Retail Laboratory and Arrell Chair in the business of food at the University of Guelph in Canada, explained that the creation of cellular meat involves stem cells from an animal which can be ‘grown in a fermentation vessel which then ferments and creates meat.’

Per Sudbury.com, he continued: ‘So effectively the product of that process is meat that is identical to meat that would come from an animal.’


Somogyi expressed his belief that cellular meat products may start to appear in supermarkets within the next five years, while market research Technavio has stated that the global cultured meat market has the potential to grow by over $200 million in the next three years.


In an effort to find out whether shoppers would be on board with lab-grown meat, the University of Guelph has teamed up with cellular agriculture companies Second Harvest and Cellular Agriculture Canada to conduct a study into the product, which is currently underway.

Somogyi explained:


There’s a bit of a yuck factor and uncertainty and hesitancy about something that is very new and complicated.


The technology is still in its early stages, with Somogyi explaining that it is only ‘very basic meat that we’re talking about.’

He said that it’s not currently possible ‘to make steak that has a bone attached to it’, but noted there are companies that are working to develop products with specific textures like steak and fish.


Somogyi admitted that lab-grown meat isn’t likely to compete with animal meat for the next 25 years or so, as it would have to be produced at a cost that is competitive, but its creation is likely to give consumers more choice.

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