Lad Eats McDonald’s In Over 50 Countries, Reveals Who Does It Best

Travelling McD's/Twitter

A fast-food lover has trekked around the world in the quest to find the most weird and wonderful McDonald’s creations he can stick his teeth into.

Meet James McGowan. He’s the face behind popular food blog, Travelling McD’s. He reviews the different variations in restaurants across the globe and ranks them on taste, look and overall satisfaction. Basically, living the dream.

The 28-year-old software developer from Canada has eaten McDonald’s at a staggering 53 locations around the world, sampling delicacies like the McChocolate Potato from Japan, to churros, available in South Korea, to the Japanese Crab Croquette burger.

Along the way a band of two million enthusiastic burger fans – mainly from the U.S. – have been following his exploits, but James told The Wall Street Journal that not everyone understands.

Travelling McD's/Twitter

He said:

Strangers say, if you’re fortunate enough to go to all these countries, why do you waste it on McDonald’s? I like sharing online. People seem to enjoy it. And I don’t gain weight. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. This is my vice.

But now he’s released his absolute favourites so far and they’re probably not what you’d expect.

Of all the locations he’s visited he believes Sri Lanka do it best. The McDonald’s has a tiny, but interesting menu James told Business Insider UK.

But in particular, he loved their seeni sambol sandwich. It features a folded egg and melted cheese on a hamburger bun topped with seeni sambol – a relish made with spicy onion and seared tuna.

Here’s the sandwich in all its glory:

Travelling McD's/Twitter

Speaking to The Independent, he said:

It has that perfect mix of local flavours, local ingredients, and that “unique” factor that I’m looking for. It also happened to be one of the spiciest McDonald’s items I’ve ever had, and I love spicy food!

He’s also a big fan of McDonalds in Thailand – where he now resides – and Hong Kong because they mix it up a bit from their usual burger and wrap fare and create some more experimental rice dishes.

Despite James’ dedication to sampling all these delicacies under the McDonald’s brand, he doesn’t get paid to try their specials and simply uses his air miles to book his trip.

Although he has the occasional McFail he’s still lovin’ it, and who can blame him.