Lidl Is Selling McDonald’s-Style Chicken Nuggets For Half The Price


Chicken nugget lovers rejoice… You can now get your fave battered drive-thru treat at a penny-pinching price.

Lidl have worked their bargain busting magic once again, selling McDonald’s nuggets at half the price of your local Maccy Ds, and they reportedly taste exactly the same.

You will part with £2.99 for six nuggets at McDonalds, but at Lidl you can pay a bite sized £1.69 for a pack of ten; complete with curry and sweet and sour flavoured dips. Even the packaging looks remarkably similar to that of the global burger chain…


But what makes these new nugs so McDonalds-like?

Some are suggesting these golden McLidls could be reject pieces from the factory that produces McDonalds chicken, with their slightly off centre shapes not fitting the standard nugget shape. However, this has not been verified…

However, you might need to get your skates on as they aren’t something that Lidl stocks everyday and are likely to sell out fast.

Heres hoping for a Lidl Dominoes pizza next…