Maltesers Now Come In Raspberry And They Look Incredible


The thing about chocolate is, it’s not particularly good for you. Sure, small quantities every now and again are fine, especially when you’ve got something as more-ish as Malteasers it’s hard to not eat the whole bag.

Well, good news for chocoholics craving a little something extra with their balls of tastiness – you can now get Raspberry flavour Malteasers.

Raspberries are fruit, right? So, like, healthy Malteasers? Well, that’s what I’m telling myself.

The new product was first spotted hitting shelves in Australia on Instagram by snack blogger chamberofsnackrets.

Describing the mouth-watering product, she said:

Yesssss these guys are finally on the shelves. I had high hopes for these and they delivered. My biggest concern was the raspberry flavour not being strong enough. But it does shine through – much more of an artificial raspberry flavour more like cordial. Super tasty 9/10

According to Brandz, a 140g bag of the new guys will set you back AU$4.49.

And the keen eyed among you will notice that’s an Australian dollar sign and not a Queen’s English pound sign because like all the best food-based news these are apparently only available in Australia, but fingers crossed it won’t be long until they spread to other countries.

In the meantime, to satiate all your Malteasers needs, another new product that is definitely available further afield than just Australia is Malteasers buttons and truffles.

There had been rumours circulating earlier this month with little understanding of where they’d started and whether it was even going to happen.

However, good things come to those who wait, and the arrival of the new treats has been confirmed.

Rebecca Shepheard-Walwyn, brand director at Maltesers said:

We are extremely excited to be launching these new products.

Maltesers Buttons is a new bitesize way to enjoy our signature crunchy chocolate while Maltesers Truffles is a perfect gift for any occasion – if you can bear to give them away!

Some people have been lucky enough to have got their hands on the new chocolate snacks already, and they seem to have gone down pretty well.

According to the Independent, Maltesers Buttons will be available in a 32g bag for 66p, a 68g treat bag for £1.19, a 93g pouch for £2.09 and a 159g more to share (or not share) bag for £3.29.

Maltesers Truffles will be available in a 54g token gift box for £1.99, a 200g medium gift box for £4.99 and a 336g large gift box for £7.49.

They’re not the only sweet treat to jump on the fruity bandwagon though. Earlier this year KitKat launched a unique Ruby version of their signature wafer fingers.

The chocolate is naturally pink, and was created by Barry Callebaut, one of the world’s largest cocoa manufacturers, last year after years of research.

The recipe for the Ruby chocolate is a trade secret, which means there’s no way of knowing how they’ve created the pink hue to the cocoa, but there are rumours circling.

What we do know is Ruby chocolate is made from specially selected cocoa beans. These beans have been called Ruby beans by Barry Callebaut. The beans go through a unique process to unlock the flavour and colour tone naturally present.

Fruity chocolate. It’s the future.

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