Maltesers Truffles Are Now A Thing And They’re Incredible

by : Emily Brown on : 06 Jul 2018 18:15
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The ‘lighter way to enjoy chocolate’ just got a little bit more luxurious, because Maltesers Truffles are now a thing – I’m already drooling. 


The crunchy yet melt-in-your mouth filling, surrounded by unbeatably smooth chocolate, might just be the best cinema snack going – they’re certainly the best chocolate in the Celebrations box.

This isn’t an advertisement by the way, I just really love Maltesers!

For all the correct people out there – the one’s who agree with me – you’ll be glad to know there’s now an all new, truffle-y way to enjoy that Malteser goodness – and it’s available at your local Sainsbury’s.


Mars announced in May they’d be releasing two new versions of Maltesers, Buttons and Truffles.

Of course, chocolate fans everywhere were very excited about this development, especially after the success of the pumped up Celebrations box Malteser – aka the Teasers bars.

You might have seen the Maltesers Buttons making an appearance near the other impulse-buy temptations by the checkout recently, but the most intriguing version of the new treats have been more difficult to spot.

People (me) were searching far and wide, but couldn’t find the Maltesers Truffles anywhere.

Yesterday however, (July 5) my new favourite Instagram account, NewFoodsUK, spotted the chocolate in Sainsbury’s, and as the hype around the new release continues to grow, I’m getting more and more tempted to leave work immediately and clear out Sainsbury’s entire supply.

The account posted their find, with the caption:


NEW PRODUCT ALERT!! So I found the new malteser truffles at @sainsburys what more can I say than they are heaven!

Others are sharing the love for the truffles on Twitter, and Mars really seem to have hit the spot with this one.

TV presenter Richard Osman wrote:

To add to the general joy this morning I have just had one of the new Maltesers truffles. They are AMAZING.

Another chocolate lover described the treat as similar to the delicious Maltesers bunnies and reindeers. Okay, I’m definitely clearing out Sainsbury’s supply.

They wrote:

I was praying and hoping these would be good and thankfully they were SO much better than the previous Malteser truffles and the Malteser buttons.

They remind me of the Malteaster bunnies and the Merryteaser reindeers but the filling is a lot softer and also has an additional chocolate truffle component.


Maltesers Truffles come in a small, medium and large ‘gift box’ size – as if I’d buy them for anyone other than myself.

At Sainsbury’s, the small box costs £2, and the medium box comes in at £5. The large box is nowhere to be seen on the website – maybe the staff are keeping those ones for themselves?

Possibly on a bid to get us hooked on the chocolates and then leave us with no choice but to keep buying them when the price increases, there’s currently a deal on the Sainsbury’s website to get the medium box for £3.50.

I might regret sharing this information if other people beat me to the deal, but I don’t want to be too selfish.

May the chocs be ever in your favour.

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