Man Creates Colossal Creme Egg Using 32 Normal-Sized Eggs

by : Emily Brown on : 28 Feb 2020 11:46

Everyone who’s ever eaten and enjoyed a Creme Egg has had the same thought; I wish there was a giant, Easter-egg sized version of this. Well, a Scottish man took that dream and made it a reality. 

Brian Hargadon, 41, loves Creme Eggs. I mean, a lot of people enjoy the fondant-filled treats, but Brian loves them so much that this year his wife, Ashley, gave him a massive box of the Easter chocolates for Valentine’s Day.


The Glaswegian couldn’t resist tucking in to a few of the eggs after receiving them, but before long he realised the big box offered him an opportunity to get creative.

Guy creates giant creme egg from regular eggsGuy creates giant creme egg from regular eggsLADbible

Ever since he was a young boy and tried his first ever Easter egg around three decades ago, Brian has had the dream that one day he’d bite into one of the oversized chocolate shells and be met with the creamy fondant filling of a Creme Egg.

Unfortunately, though, the Scot knew this would likely be a pipe dream. He told LADbible:


I’d always hoped Cadbury’s would bring it out one year, but if we’re taxing sugary drinks then we’ve no chance with this!

Guy creates giant creme egg from regular eggsGuy creates giant creme egg from regular eggsLADbible

Knowing the Creme Egg manufacturer probably wouldn’t be able to make his dream come true, Brian decided to take matters into his own hands.

He had recently undergone a hip operation, and to help deal with the pain he decided to help himself to a drink. Once he was fuelled up on alcohol, inspiration struck.


Brian was prepared early for Easter this year, and already had some Easter eggs in stock. Combined with his huge box of Creme Eggs, he knew the time had come to make a giant Creme Egg of his own.

Guy scoops creme egg fondant into giant Easter eggGuy scoops creme egg fondant into giant Easter eggLADbible

The chocolate-lover set about carefully cracking open 32 Creme Eggs and scooping out the filling before transferring it to an Easter egg, which he’d carefully split in half.

He explained:


I’d seen it done years ago on YouTube where they made their own fondant but I thought, ‘Nah, that’s no fun’ – plus I like a challenge.

I poured a large whisky and managed to halve the Easter egg perfectly, then I started to chop the top off the eggs and scoop the goo out with a measuring half-teaspoon.

It took ages, but I was drunk so enjoying it. Fifteen filled up one half and I had 17 left so I got cracking on the other half.

Guy seals giant Easter egg after filling it with creme egg fillingGuy seals giant Easter egg after filling it with creme egg fillingLADbible

Brian detailed his mission on Twitter, and turned to his followers for advice about how to seal the egg once he’d successfully filled it. After collecting suggestions from his audience, he set about melting Cadbury’s chocolate and using it to coat the edges of his creation before sticking it back together and leaving it in the fridge to set.

In order to give himself a more authentic ‘unboxing’ experience, Brian wrapped his creation back into the Easter egg foil and placed it back in the box. Then, when he was ready, he got it out again and bit into the chocolatey shell.


Recalling the historic moment, Brian said:

It was so heavy! I just looked at it and honestly, I felt nervous because I’d been dreaming of that moment for about 30 years.

When I bit into it and the cold chocolate cracked open and I saw how it looked inside I was so f*cking happy, as you can tell from my expression in the video!

It looked and tasted even better than I hoped it would. I had to get a spoon and tuck into it because of the mess it would’ve made of my beard.

Guy creates giant creme egg from regular eggsGuy creates giant creme egg from regular eggsLADbible

Despite his best efforts, Brian wasn’t able to finish the entire egg in one sitting –  to be fair, the little ones can be sickly at the best of times. Instead, he managed to get through about one third of the egg, and finished the rest over the following couple of days.

He continued:

I’ll be honest, there’s absolutely no chance I could eat it in one go.

I’d never been so thirsty in my entire life!

Guy unboxes Easter egg after filling it with creme egg fillingGuy unboxes Easter egg after filling it with creme egg fillingLADbible

The monstrous creation cost Brian a total of £15.90 – £14.40 for the box of Creme Eggs and £1.50 for the Easter egg – which isn’t too big a price to pay to have a childhood dream come true.

The amount of calories in the giant Creme Egg was likely a lot more outrageous, and Brian acknowledged how unhealthy it was on Twitter, though he received some criticism for joking about getting diabetes as a result of his invention.

He said:

I made a joke about diabetes in the thread and a few people weren’t happy about it but I meant no offence. I understand how serious a condition it is and how badly it can affect their lives.

My mate suggested donating some money to a diabetes charity and I thought that was a great idea so that’s exactly what I’ll be doing.

Guy creates giant creme egg from regular eggsGuy creates giant creme egg from regular eggsBrian Hargadon/Twitter

Brian’s efforts received a lot of praise from impressed foodies, and I’m sure he’ll have inspired many people to follow in his footsteps and create giant, filled Easter eggs of their own. With Oreo, Reese’s and Lindt eggs also now available, there’s a whole range of fillings to opt for.

As for the empty Creme Egg shells, Brian has assured followers they’ll be put to good use – aka, he’ll be eating them, once he’s recovered from the sugar high of his giant chocolate treat.

There’s only one way to describe Brian’s efforts; eggcellent.

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