Man Ignores Flaming Fiery Eight-Chilli Curry Warning With Horrendous Consequences

Man eats too hot curryDavid Langley/Twitter

Ever eaten something so spicy it felt like it was burning your insides and then you’ve instantly regretted it?

Disclaimer: I’m one of those people who gets a plain Nando’s and think even that’s spicy, so I can’t really relate.

One man who can relate though is David Langley, who recently decided to try a curry which came with a fiery eight-chilli heat warning. I mean, why?

David made the regrettable decision to try the curry called the ‘Flaming Fiery Phaal’, and posted to social media immediately afterwards to warn others against making the same mistake.

The curry, from supermarket chain Morrisons, comes with a warning which states: ‘Exceptionally red hot and fiery chicken curry made with scorpion and naga chillies’. Basically, anyone tasting it has to be pretty confident their taste-buds can withstand such heat.

David might have oversold himself though, because shortly after eating the curry he took to Twitter to describe the aftermath:

Do NOT buy this from Morrisons. Nearly fucking killed me!!

Man eats too hot curryDavid Langley/Twitter

He didn’t stop there though, and continued to vent about his supposed near death experience, after only taking two mouthfuls:

Honestly people i took 2 mouthfulls [sic] and felt like someone had put a blow torch on my tongue.

I drank 2 pints of water in about a minute and then sweat started pouring out of my head. Never ever tasted anything like it!! Took me about 45 minutes to calm the fuck down lol.

Looking back i probably should have took note of the warnings on the cover..i just thought ‘ooh i quite fancy a spicy curry’. I didn’t realise i was potentially putting myself into such danger while watching Question Time lol [sic]

Luckily seeing the funny side of things, David managed to laugh at himself throughout his series of tweets.

Saying he was ‘scared to fart’, David continued:

The worst part of it all is i have been to the toilet 3 times already today and the gap between wanting to go and actually going is getting shorter and shorter… [sic]

Sorry David, but you’re not getting my sympathy here.

Maybe stick to a Korma next time, yeah?

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