Man’s Incredible McDonald’s Wrap Shocks The Internet

by : Daniel Richardson on : 14 Aug 2021 16:53
Man's Incredible McDonald's Wrap Shocks The InternetTikTok/ @wrapgodofficial

TikTok creator ‘The Official Wrap God’ has celebrated reaching a million followers by creating a monster of a wrap.

Many of us have felt pretty smug after negotiating the saver menu in McDonald’s for a tasty treat, but few have combined their food in a giant wrap such as this. This is exactly what ‘The Official Wrap God’ did while using an incredible amount of food.


At the beginning of the video, the TikTok creator says the footage is a celebration of reaching one million followers, before revealing his key ingredients to make a ‘giant McDonald’s wrap’.

massive mcdonalds wrap (TikTok/@wrapgodofficial)TikTok/@wrapgodofficial

These ingredients include three portion of large fries, nine chicken nuggets, 10 chicken selects, two quarter pounders with cheese and six packets of sweet curry sauce. Naturally, making this into one giant snack took a bit of work and more than a few tortilla wraps.

Once a couple wraps are placed as the base, the TikToker begins adding the fries, nuggets and then the chicken selects in one big pile. If this wasn’t enough carbs, the TikToker then adds the burgers, complete with buns, and finally the sauce. Some more wraps are required to complete the bizarre burrito, before it goes in a sandwich press.


The result is a burrito that is bigger than a plate. Not only that but when the ‘bad boy’ is opened up it is filled with a hefty meal.

Check out the video:

@wrapgodofficialThank you for 1 million! Here’s a 1 mil special😏hope you enjoy❤️ ##wrapgodwraps ##mcds♬ original sound – The Official Wrap God


The video has already seen more than a million views, and fans undoubtedly love the tower of food that has been wrapped up. Many joked about the TikTok creators ability to wrap anything, and one person asked if he could wrap a Ford Focus. Others simply congratulated the TikToker on his impressive, if filling, achievement.

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TikTok / @wrapgodofficial
  1. TikTok / @wrapgodofficial

    Thank you for 1 million! Here’s a 1 mil special😏hope you enjoy❤️