Maths Suggests This Is How You Should Really Slice Pizza


One of the great mysteries of the food world has always been how to cut your pizza into identical slices.

Even when you order from Dominos, there are always some slices that are suspiciously bigger than others – and that’s obviously the slice you want to take first if you’re sharing.

Now, you can apparently slice your pizza into 12 identical pieces, and it’s all to do with maths. Yep, that thing you thought you’d never use could apparently come in quite handy.

The information came from the University of Liverpool, with Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley even writing an entire paper on it.

It basically involves “families of monohedral disk tilings” which for those of us who don’t speak advanced maths, is just all about how to cut the pizza.

So here are some pretty fancy diagrams showing how you should do it…




Firstly cut the pizza into six curved shapes, divide those into two and cut again.

This can be repeated as many times as is necessary.