McDonald’s Customers Are Fed Up At Making The Same Complaint About French Fries


If you’re looking for cheap, fast meals, McDonald’s delivers – usually.

You can get a good chunk of the menu for $1 a piece and a meal for under $5, but there’s one thing the fast food chain constantly forgets to do: Make your large fries actually large.

Time after time, McDonald’s has neglected to actually fill up their boxes of fries to the top.


And it’s been going on forever:

Sure, it’s not one of Earth’s most pressing problems, but it’s a problem nonetheless.

How hard is it to fill up a box of fries? Surely if you wanted to pay 10 cents less to get a medium-sized box, you would.

Though if you aren’t satisfied with the french fry filling level received, you should probably complain at the point of sale, and not on Twitter…