McDonald’s Make Huge Change To The Classic Big Mac


Whoah!! Hold the front page! McDonald’s have reinvented the Big Mac! Hangover food is never going to be the same again…

What am I going to do without my sweet, beautiful Big Mac and special sauce.


Fear not though, they’re not messing about with the original, (thank God) – it’s ANOTHER Big Mac that’s hitting Maccie’s shelves.

The Chicken Big Mac – same cheese, same pickles, same sauce, just chicken instead of beef.

I’m drooling already.


There’s only one small problem with the recent change.

According to BuzzFeed, initially the new mouth-watering invention has only been sold in Australia, but there are hopes it’ll soon reach the rest of the globe.


Hmmmmm, how am I meant to wait for this with no set date!

Anyone know how much it costs to ship things from down under? Asking for a friend…