McDonald’s Launch ‘Luxury Concept’ Restaurant Where Customers Reserve VIP Tables


McDonald’s are swapping their paper bags for silver service as they launch a ‘luxury concept’ restaurant where customers have to reserve their seats at VIP tables. 

The popular fast food restaurant is known for its speedy service, and usually has its customers head up to the counter to order and collect their food before taking a seat wherever is available.

But let’s be honest, we all know how McDonald’s works.

Recently the chain introduced a table service, which allowed customers to make their order, then head over to relax at their chosen table and wait for their food to be delivered.

While this in itself was quite a big development, Ronald McDonald – or, whoever actually makes these kinds of decisions – has decided to push the boundaries of ‘fast food’ even further.

McDonald'sPA Images

The restaurant chain seems to bring in plans to add an extra air of sophistication to their burger and chicken nugget-filled service in the future, as the company are trialling their first ever ‘luxury concept’ restaurant in London next Wednesday.

Based on Kensington High Street, the trial will see the UK’s first reservation-only restaurant beneath the golden arches, where for one day only customers will sit at VIP tables that have been reserved online in advance.

If the trial goes well, McDonald’s UK may consider making the sophisticated restaurant a recurring concept, bringing it back for special calendar moments in partnership with a long-term online booking partner.

The new fancy system is being rolled out in celebration of the release of The Signature Collection – a new range of gourmet McDonald’s burgers often advertised with elegant swirling patterns, to emphasise how fancy they really are.

The Signature Collection of burgers was designed for McDonald’s by the Chefs Council, and they are described as ‘luxury in a bun’.

The Council is responsible for food development and flavour, and is made up of a collection of chefs who pride themselves in having worked in Michelin Star restaurants and cooked for royalty.

The classy McDonald’s doesn’t simply stop at reserved tables though. Upon entry, customers will be met by a string quartet before they’re escorted to their table, where they will eat with ‘diamond’-encrusted cutlery.


I’m not sure how much use the customers are expected to get out of this sparkling cutlery while eating their burgers, but it’s a nice touch.

Rich velvet curtains will surround the windows, and exquisite ‘fine (burger) art’ will take pride of place on the walls.

This could potentially be the perfect date – you get to enjoy a McDonald’s meal at, presumably, McDonald’s prices, while surrounding yourself with sophistication and elegance.

You can forget the paper bags and plastic trays, too, as the Classic, BBQ or Spicy Signature Burger will be served under a silver cloche (those domes you can use to cover food) by butlers wearing white gloves.


McDonald’s have described the experience as ‘the most ‘luxurious’ tasting event in history’. It is certainly an interesting step for the fast food chain which most people go to for convenience, ease and speed.

Customers who wish to reserve their spot are able to do so from today, but spots for the one-day-only event are limited, with a two-day window in place to get your reservation secured.

The Kensington High Street McDonald’s will open its doors to the lucky few who have bagged a place on August 15.

Reserve your place at what must surely be the fanciest McDonald’s ever by signing up here.

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