McDonald’s Now Do Home Delivery In The UK


Finally, our dreams have come true. We can now get McDonald’s delivered to our doors.

The massive fast food chain has partnered up with Uber to bring its own delivery service to the U.K.

The ‘McDelivery‘ service is currently being offered by UberEats in certain locations in London, Nottingham and Leeds.


McDonald’s has been running a delivery service for a while now in a number of countries including China and Signapore and has recently tied up with Uber in the U.S.

There have been many rumours recently about the chain launching a service in the UK, and it’s about time these came true.

McDelivery is available across 22 locations in London including Camden and Regent Street as well as a further ten outlets in Leeds and Nottingham.


You can order breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week if you live within 1.5 miles of the participating outlets.

In London the service is available between 7am and 2am and between 8am and midnight in Nottingham and Leeds.

All you have to do is download the UberEats app, for free, which uses Uber couriers on bicycles or mopeds to deliver your food right to your door and pay a standard delivery charge of £2.50.


It’s being introduced as a trial with plans to expand to more locations if the project proves to be successful, which, I mean, come on…

UberEats meanwhile is currently active in 14 U.K. cities but plans to expand to 40 by the end of the year.

Claude Abi-Gerges, who operates five McDonald’s franchise outlets in London that are taking part in the trial, told The Telegraph:

Delivery is something that my customers often ask about so it’s exciting that we’re now up and running with McDelivery in a selection of my London restaurants.

We’re thrilled that we’ve been chosen as one of the first groups of restaurants in the country to offer the service and look forward to hearing our customers feedback.

We just can’t wait to try it out!