McDonald’s Workers Reveal Secret Ways Customers Can Save Money

PeterLigerry Via Wikimedia

Fast food lovers rejoice McDonald’s employees have revealed some of the ways that average punters can save some cash while still enjoying a tasty cow-based treat.

Users on the question-and-answer site, Quora, who claim to have worked under the golden arches have even gone so far as to put together a list of nine things that you can do to ‘cheat’ Ronald McDonald.

Customise Your Order

If you like your junk food fresh from the fryer then you should customise your order.

The trick being that if you order your order missing a specific ingredient, say the gherkin, then the cook making it has to prepare a fresh one for you.


Treat Yourself To A Happy Meal

Don’t be embarrassed about eating from the kids menu, it could save you a decent chunk of change if you’re clever, plus you get a nifty toy to enjoy when you’re done.


Ask About The Legendary Secret Menu

We know that people constantly deny the existence of the secret menu but lets be honest people denied that the Earth orbited the Sun and look how wrong they were.


Get a Receipt

If you head into Maccy D’s between 12-2pm and 5-7pm  any day of the week and ask for a receipt when you order you can apparently guarantee the freshest food and the best service.


Well that’s supposedly when the secret shoppers go in for their free lunch (They get a receipt so they can get their money back) so you can fool the staff into thinking you’re someone worth impressing.


Swap The Big Mac For A Double Cheeseburger

We all love a Big Mac but did you know you can simulate the delicious burger quite easily for a lot less money.

All you need to do is sub out the ketchup and mustard that normally come on the burger for some Big Mac sauce and you’ve basically get the same thing.


Uplift Your Hashbrown

Don’t be a mug and pay more for a delicious hashbrown than you have to by asking your server to uplift your breakfast rather than adding another delicious deep-fried potato wedge.


Create A Monster Burger

One of the biggest problems with McDonald’s food is that despite it being delicious you’re always left wanting more.

Thankfully there’s a solution, don’t just settle for a Big Mac, make yourself a monster burger by swapping out the wimpy burger patties for the quarter pounder burgers.


So next time you go to McDonald’s why not try out some of these handy dandy tips and tricks, maybe it’ll improve your meal?

We’re sure that you’ll be ‘loving it’.