Meals-On-Wheels Charity Apologises For Accidentally Serving Seniors Dog Food

by : UNILAD on : 14 Jan 2016 09:46

A few senior citizens in Germany got given a right dog’s dinner… 


A meal-on-wheels charity have apologised after three senior citizens were mistakenly served high-end dog food.

The Osnabrucker Tafel charity in the town of Osnabruck, Lower Saxony, confirmed that one of the unfortunate residents also ate the food which was manufactured by Santaniello.


Another pensioner was a bit more wise to the charity’s mistake, after heating the food up they decided not to eat as it didn’t really smell that great, funnily enough.


The charity said workers mistook the glass jars for human food because of the high-end labelling, which described the contents as ‘venison and potatoes with garden vegetables’. Mmm, delicious…

Local media outlets reported the jars bear the words ‘gourmet food for animals’ in small letters on their lids. Awkward.

In an interview with Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung newspaper, Dieter Mollmann, Head of Osnabrucker Tafel apologised.

He said:

Our warehouse manager sorts through many tons of groceries every day and it is possible that due to the design of the packaging, he did not notice. We are extremely sorry about the mix-up. Due to this incident, we will advise all stations within our operations to in the future go over and check groceries more carefully.


If it’s any consolation, Santaniello’s website claimed their meat is taken from the human sector. But doubt that’ll be any comfort for the charity or the seniors…

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