Mexican Restaurant Bartender Receives ‘Racist’ Message Instead Of Tip

Mexican bartender speaks out.Hehsus Baeza/Facebook

A bartender at a Mexican restaurant has spoken out after allegedly receiving an offensive message on a receipt in lieu of a receipt.

Hehsus Baeza, of Texas, claims a customer left a rude message and no gratuity after dining at Tkilaz Mexican Restaurant Bar and Grill on Sunday (February 17).

After finishing a $17.55 meal – which included ‘a plate of asado’ and a drink of ‘Dos XX’, the patron reportedly wrote the following message:

My tip is to build the f*cking wall now!

Bartender shares 'racist' receipt.Hehsus Baeza/Facebook

Baeza took to Facebook to share a picture of the receipt in question, calling out the customer’s apparent hypocrisy:

F*ck you! How are you going to come eat a plate of asado and drink a Dos XX and write this! #hypocrite.

Baeza’s Facebook post quickly went viral, with many people expressing shock and outrage at the spiteful message.

One person commented:

Very hypocritical. It’s one thing to have an opinion, but to write it down as a ‘tip’ …then …to write it down on the merchants copy at a Mexican restaurant, is disgusting for sure. #Hypocrite #CheapAss

While another person noted:

They want the wall but sure love Mexican food

However, others have been left unsure, claiming the receipt in question is a ‘hoax’.

One person commented:

If this turns out to be fake you will get sued for blasting this persons name. This happened in Odessa sometime last year and the server was punished.

Another said:

I guess you people never learn, last time this happened it WAS FAKE! Ya just a bunch of sheep that jump off the cliff without any evidence.

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