Milk First Or Last? Experts Explain The Only Way You Should Make Tea


We all have our own ways of making what we think is ‘the perfect cup of tea’.

Some of us put milk in the mug first before adding the boiling water (what kind of heathen does that?) and others add it at the end (good shout).

That’s fine and all, but it actually turns out those of you who put in the milk first have been doing it all wrong all this time. Awkward.

This age old debate was finally put to bed, by tea experts no less.

Time Out spoke to Sebastian Michaelis – a Tetley tea blender who once had his tastebud insured for £1 million (yes really) – and Postcard Teas owner Tim d’Offay.

Michaelis pulled no punches, as he revealed putting the milk in first means, ‘you will reduce the water temperature and inhibit brewing’.

While d’Offay explained that putting the teabag in first allows you to control the strength of your brew a whole lot easier.

So, there you have it. Who fancies a brew then?