Morrisons Are Selling Giant Avocados As Heavy As Emu Eggs

Woman holding giant avocadoMorrisons

Millennials and food lovers rejoice! Morrisons are selling GIANT avocados that are as heavy as emu eggs.

The supermarket saw the normal avocado and thought, no, we can do better, and so the giant avocado was born.

The Torres avocado variety is grown in Argentina and is naturally a lot larger than you’re average Hass avocados.

Avocado Expert at Morrisons, James Turner, said:

Despite their size, these avocados still have a distinctive creamy flavour. The skin turns from green to black when they’re ripe, so you’ll always know when they’re ready to eat.

Because avocados are so popular right now, we think these will fly off the shelves.

Many other supermarkets have sold the Torres variety before, but I’ve never caught sight of them.

Maybe it’s because they’ve all been bought.

Anyway, these new giant avocados weight about three times the weight of a normal one and can measure up to 25cm in diameter.

Giant avocadoMorrisons

The giant avos also weigh up to one kilogram and cost only £2 each. The value for money here is incredible.

With an average ratio of 70 per cent flesh to 30 per cent seed, these are at least on par with your average avocado.

Maybe this is the perfect stocking filler to replace the usual chocolate orange. Apparently one of these bad boys can make 12 portions of smashed avocado on toast.

One pack of two normal avocados will set you back £1.80, so buying a giant one that is three times the weight will save you about a third.

Giant avocadoMorrisons

It’s just such a shame vegans won’t be able to enjoy the new giant avocados after it was announced that avocados aren’t actually vegan.

These days, the words ‘millennial’ and ‘avocado toast’ basically go hand in hand. Although the avocado has existed for many generations, it seems to be the ‘in’ food for young adults, and people can’t get enough of the stuff.

Though avocados can be enjoyed by meat-eaters, vegetarians and other diets alike, they are a particularly good source of healthy fats and fibre for those with a vegan diet.

However, according to BBC comedy quiz show QI, it turns out despite being plant-based, avocados aren’t strictly vegan:

Alongside almonds, kiwis, broccoli, cherries, cucumbers, lettuce and some other fruits and veg, the show revealed that avocados can’t exist without bees.

Presenter Sandi Toksvig explained:

It’s the same reason as honey. They can’t exist without bees, and the bees are used in, let’s call it an ‘unnatural way’.

Because they’re so difficult to cultivate naturally, all of these crops rely on bees which are placed on the back of trucks and taken very long distances across the country.

It’s called migratory beekeeping.

The new fact might leave a lot of vegans desperately searching for alternative foods – though it doesn’t seem like there’s much left at this rate!


A few people started to tease avocado-eating vegans about the fact that they haven’t been strictly sticking to their diet, but at the end of the day, since going vegan could literally save the Earth, vegans still have the moral high ground.

I’m going to buy one and eat it whole like an apple.

I’m going to leave you with this: avocados are actually classed as berries. I know, go and deal with that.

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