Morrisons Is Now Selling Beer Battered Halloumi

Beer battered halloumiMorrisons

You might think there’s nothing better than regular halloumi, but Morrisons are here to prove you wrong. They’re now selling beer battered halloumi. 

The vegetarian’s favourite burger – the new and possibly improved, (potential controversial opinion), mozzarella sticks – halloumi is the king of the cheese world.

While the Cypriot cheese already comes in a few wonderful variations, Morrisons have started to stock a new cheesy treat – beer battered halloumi.

Cheese and beer? What more do you need in life?

cyrpiots make halloumiGetty

The halloumi is covered in black sheep ale, and the sticks are best served hot from the oven. I must stress, the ‘black sheep ale’ has nothing to do with actual sheep. The beer battered snack is definitely vegetarian-friendly.

The pack contains four wedges of halloumi, so if you’re feeling particularly generous you could share them, but I’d highly recommend just keeping them all for yourself.

Luckily, you can get your hands on the packs for just £2.50 – though savvy shoppers or halloumi enthusiasts will probably be interested to know, according to the Morrisons website, before June 1 2019, you can actually pick up three packs for £6.

That’s 12 whole beer battered halloumi sticks. There’s a fun evening sorted.

Presumably being aware of the cheese’s popularity, Morrisons have actually limited people using the three for £6 deal, to 20 packs per person.

But still, that’s 80 halloumi sticks. You could have a halloumi-themed party with that amount. I’d go to that party.

If sticks of halloumi aren’t your cheese-shape of choice, then don’t worry, you can now get your hands on some halloumi burgers to cook at home.

Aldi launched their own halloumi burger slices earlier this summer – the latest in a range of vegetarian-inspired products.

But if all this home-cooked halloumi isn’t for you, then you might be glad to know pub-chain Wetherspoons are at the rescue. They’ve added the delightful cheese to their menu.

I know, I know, all these halloumi options, we’re spoiling you.

halloumi friesWhetherspoons

The restaurant are now selling halloumi fries – and of course, one thing we all love about Wetherspoons is the price.  The delicious-looking fries are going for just £3.10 a plate.

They’re served with a sweet chill sauce – with a bit of rocket on the side – probably in a desperate attempt to make the dish seem a little bit more healthier

But let’s be honest, we’re all just here for the halloumi. We can’t get enough of the stuff!

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