Morrisons Launch Massive Breakfast Butty For £5

Morrisons are now selling huge breakfast butties.Morrisons

What makes the perfect hangover breakfast?

For me, it’s usually leftover pizza slices but sometimes the cold crusts found in my bedside table pizza box just don’t cut the mustard.

Of course, the real dream is a home cooked English breakfast with all the trimmings, which can seem like preparing a Michelin star level banquet on mornings when your brain feels like it is trying to break free of your skull.

With the sort of innovative problem solving we have come to expect from the supermarket brand, Morrisons have got your cravings covered; with their brand new Builders Big Breakfast Butty.

These baps are big by name, and big by nature. The ‘Builders’ part may well refer to the densely layered structure of the butty, which could well be used as a sturdy brick in an impenetrable fortress of meat and bread.

Weighing in at three quarters of a kilo, this butty has a width of seven inches and a depth of four inches; and every conceivable cooked breakfast item is present and correct, except from perhaps orange juice.

The ten items inside this monolithic morning meal are as follows: two rashers of back bacon, two hash browns, two pork sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, fried egg and grilled tomato.

The entire thing costs £5 in total, which isn’t too bad considering this absolute monstrosity contains more or less your entire weekly shop.

And, refreshingly, vegetarians haven’t been left out either, with an equally mountainous veggie option complete with yummy Quorn sausages. There is even a Scottish version which swaps hash browns for potato scones.

According to Morrisons, inspiration ‘after café regulars reported not always having the time to sit down and enjoy their beloved Big Breakfast in the café so in response, the café team has made the breakfast sandwich to go with a foil wrapping to keep it warm’.

Cafés Manager at Morrisons, Danny Clee, made the following statement:

Customers were telling us that they didn’t always have the time to have breakfast in the café so we set about creating an on-the-go version. It’s the biggest butty we’ve ever made and not for the faint-hearted.

You can grab a Builders Big Breakfast Butty for yourself at your local Morrison’s café, where you can eat in or take out depending on preference.

The heft of this breakfast beast means it might be tricky to munch on while on the go – particularly with that ocean of beans – but it looks well worth the effort to grab a knife, fork and plate before tucking in.

Roll on Sunday morning…

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