Morrisons Selling 4.5 Litres Of Jim Beam On Black Friday


Black Friday is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited to grab some bargains and witness some angry Brits fight over a television.

Starting out as an American tradition, Black Friday is now fully embedded into British culture and everyone wants a piece of the action.

Even supermarkets are getting involved and of course, the best deals can be spotted at your local Morrisons store.


They’ve really outdone themselves this year, selling 4.5 litre bottles of your favourite spirits at a discount price.

Yes, you read my words correctly, the bottles really are filled to the brim with 4.5 litres of delicious alcohol.

Just make sure you don’t drink it all at once…


A 4.5 litre bottle of Jim Beam bourbon will set you back £70 this Friday.

It may sound like a lot of money but you get plenty of booze for your bucks.

Also, with one litre bottles normally costing £23 each, you’re saving £33.50 – which is money you’ll need to spend on far more food and drink over the festive season.


You can also pick up a 4.5 litre bottle of delicious Famous Grouse for the same price.

With a litre costing £18, you’ll be saving £11 – which can go towards those last minute presents you’re rushing around to buy, for various family members on Christmas Eve.

If you fancy something a little different though, the popular supermarket is also selling a 1.75 litre bottle of Disaronno for £30 and a 1.75 litre bottle of Jägermeister for the same price.

Now that’s a lot of Jägerbombs!


The deals will be available in stores across the country from today but you better be quick!

These deals are guaranteed to sell out.

Remember to drink alcohol responsibly.