Morrisons Selling Huge Meat Boxes For £10


Excellent news has been announced for those who appreciate high quality meat for a tasty price.

Good old Morrisons have been going mad for massive meat this year. Who, after all, could forget the gargantuan foot-long sausage roll or the mammoth 1lb beef burger?

Now the supermarket have released an absolute stonker of a meat box, containing a hearty 2kg of meat for just £10.

The heaving box contains four different types of succulent meat: four pork loin steaks (500g), steak mince (400g), lean casserole steak (460g) and eight pork sausages.


Although shelling out a tenner of your hard earned cash may feel a little steep, penny pinchers will be happy to know you will be saving £5.20 compared to if you purchased the items individually.

Much like Morrisons’ big wonky veg box, this mega meat is sure to spark excitement among serial bulk-buyers, who could freeze the meat and use it for meals for many a chilly winter night.

Buying a large quantity of meat in bulk can be an excellent solution if you have a full and hungry household, or maybe if you’re planning an optimistic autumn barbeque (patio heaters, woolly jumpers: sorted).

[Side note: I wouldn’t recommend eating all this meat in one sitting unless you are prepared for some next level meat sweats].

As we know, Morrisons are the now the first of the ‘big four’ supermarkets to commit to stocking only fresh and local British meat and this promise is reflected in the contents of this box.

Speaking at the Great Yorkshire Show early this summer, meat director Rob Youngson gave the following statement:

Customers tell us that they want more home-grown food and we are listening,

We have always been committed to selling British meat and today we are taking this a stage further by making a clear pledge that if you buy fresh meat at Morrisons it will be British.


The national average amount of British produced food in UK supermarkets is just 52 per cent, a statistic which Morrisons is working to challenge.

Morrisons already have a longstanding reputation for having a supply chain which deals directly with local farmers, or else their own abattoirs and processing sites.

This new, positive commitment is an enormous step forward in supermarket trading, but will the rest of the ‘big four’ follow this lead?

By purchasing this box, you won’t just be ensuring your fridge is stocked with fresh, good quality produce, you’ll be supporting local meat producers in the UK to get a fair deal. Win win all round.

Happy Endings/ABC

However, you might have to get down to your local Morrisons pretty sharpish if you want a prime cut of this excellent deal.

This box is in limited supply and will only be sold while stocks last (which definitely won’t be too long once the bargain hunters have caught wind).

Then it will only be sold until this Sunday, October 8. But the good news is these boxes are already in store, so run run run!