UK Mum Finds Spider That Can Kill In Two Hours In Her Bananas


The last thing you want or expect is to find the world’s deadliest spider chilling inside your bananas, but that’s exactly what this woman found…

Samantha Frampton, 24, spotted a cocoon of spider eggs on her banana after she opened a bunch she had bought from supermarket Iceland. Big bowl of nope.


The bananas, imported from Colombia, were infested with eggs from the Brazilian wandering spider- which can kill a human in less than two hours.

Almost forgot to mention, it can also give you a painful four-hour erection. Ouch. The Brazilian wandering spider’s venom is even being studied for use in erectile dysfunction treatments.


After researching the spiders on the net, the mum-of-two carefully wrapped the bananas in a plastic bag and left them outside. But she is now understandably terrified that they may have infested the house.

She made the grim discovery after opening the bag for her four-year-old son Logan, but noticed something strange on one of the bananas.


Samantha, from Barnstaple, Devon told the Daily Star that the incident left her in a state of ‘panic’ and she just wanted it out of the house.

She said:

I was about to hand him a banana and I noticed what first looked like a small cocoon, it looked like a silver, sealed web. I hate spiders anyway, but when I started seeing pictures of the webs and comparing the banana to some of those images I started to panic. I immediately wrapped the banana in a carrier bag and put it outside. I just don’t know what to do. I’m in such a state of panic. I just knew I had to get it out of my house and away from my sons.

The Brazilian wandering spiders hunt on the jungle floor, but during the day they hide inside banana plants and have coined the nickname “banana spider”.


Samantha added: “I’m just so angry, absolutely fuming and so unbelievably terrified.”

A spokesman for the store said the matter had been sent to head office.

Enough to put you off bananas forever? Probably…