Mum Hides Her Secret Chocolate Stash From Kids In Frozen Veg Pack

by : Julia Banim on : 28 Oct 2019 13:12
Mum Hides Her Secret Chocolate Stash From Kids In Frozen Veg PackMaynard Rose/Facebook

An ingenious woman has found a way to stop her kids raiding her chocolate stash by popping the goodies in the very last place in the kitchen they would look.

The canny mum – believed to be from the US – has revealed her trick of stashing her sweet treats inside packets of frozen vegetables. And her nifty tip has delighted snack-prone parents far and wide.


In a post that has since gone viral, the mum shared two pictures of the same packet of frozen veg. One pic showed the pack sealed with a freezer peg, while the other showed the pack open; revealing chocolate bars and other sugary snacks where you would expect to see carrots and peas.

chocolate frozen veg mumMaynard Rose/Facebook

Imparting her wisdom on the world of Facebook parenting groups, the unnamed mother quipped, ‘Let’s see the kids find this stash.’ The exceedingly relatable post has since been shared more than 52,000 times, generating more than 2,700 reactions at the time of writing.

Getting kids to steer clear of sweets until after they’ve finished their tea has exasperated parents since time immortal, and so this woman has emerged as somewhat of a hero in the long-running battle of ‘No pudding until you’ve finished everything on your plate’.


One person guffawed:

I know where I’m hiding my stash of goodies from now on!!

Another chuckled:

My mum has been doing this for ages, and hiding a whole bottle of alcohol in veggie bags too.

chocolate frozen veg mumMaynard Rose/Facebook

It’s unclear whether or not this mum pops the bag of ‘vegetables’ back in the freezer after storing her stash. But as anyone who has ever sampled a frozen Mars bar will know, the freezer can work magic on a chocoholic’s taste buds.

Of course, the cat – or indeed the veg – is very much out of the bag for those with kids old enough to use social media, but there are still plenty of other kitchen hiding places for the imaginative parent. And many have shared parenting nuggets of their own.

One logical person reasoned:


Mine go in the washing machine and tumble. They never ever go in there… freezers have lollies and ice cream so they go in there, fridge is always on the go….so best place is washers and dryers.

Another crafty caregiver said:

I hide things in an old weight watchers milkshake powder pot. No-one will ever look in there.

ChocolateWikimedia Commons

As a fully-grown adult who would still always opt for chocolate over carrot sticks, I seriously need a more sensible friend to try this trick out on me…

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