Mum Sickened After Discovery Inside Her Daughter’s Easter Egg

by : Francesca Donovan on : 21 Apr 2017 13:21

A concerned mother has taken to social media to disclose a shocking discovery she made in her baby daughter’s Easter egg.

While most of us tucked into a Creme Egg – or Lindt bunny, if you’re lucky – the only dangers we encountered were alarmingly high fat intakes and the inevitable sugar low that would follow.


However, Vikki Maguire-Grant was left feeling ‘sick to her stomach’ after her 2-year-old daughter tucked into a giant Kinder egg from Asda – and allegedly found a needle sticking out of the moulded chocolate shell.


Vikki recounted the incident, writing:

Feel absolutely sick to my stomach- Sitting opening Isabelles favourite egg with her and this needles inside.. scary thing is I let her bite the outside first.


The worried mother continued, hoping to warn other parents to the potential production problem. She explained, ‘Ive been on the phone to ASDA and having it sent away to see how it got there.’

Vikki then mused about a more sinister reason for the needle being embedded in the chocolate treat, posing, ‘Hope its just a machine error and not some sicko targeting kids…’


Vikki concluded:


PLEASE CHECK YOUR EGGS!!!! This is a post for alerting people to check any easter eggs for safety for any foreign objects. Negative comments will be deleted and idiots blocked. I will leave the investigation up to the professionals.

Vikki has since heard from Kinder, telling the Manchester Evening News, ‘I do not know if it’s a needle or pin as one end is embedded. I could not see any holes anywhere on the box but I trust the experts to find this.’


Her speculation continued:


At the moment I can only speculate how it got there. I reported it in case anyone else had the same problem and someone had stuck this in intently. As no one else has come forward I think it’s unlikely.

I have been in touch with Kinder who have given me full faith it will be fully investigated to determine if it was made with the egg – which I since think is unlikely – after they explained the production line and metal detectors used.


Ferrero contacted UNILAD with the following statement:

We have been made aware of an isolated incident where a customer has reported a foreign object found within one of our products.

The product in question is being returned to Asda’s head office in Leeds, and we have requested for it to be sent on to us for a thorough investigation to determine what happened.

We’d like to reassure our customers that we pride ourselves on the quality and safety of our products and have strict quality control procedures in place throughout our operations.


Luckily, Vikki’s young daughter wasn’t harmed by the object and the egg has been sent back to manufacturer, Ferrero, for a full investigation.

This incident brings a whole new meaning to the tagline, ‘Kinder Surprise’.

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    Horrified mum warns others after finding NEEDLE in two-year-old's giant Kinder egg