Mum Who Ate Her Placenta With Chilli And Beef Burrito Says She Recovered From Birth Quicker

by : Julia Banim on : 31 Jan 2021 14:44
Mum Who Ate Her Placenta With Chilli And Beef Burrito Says She Recovered From Birth QuickerJam Press

A mum has revealed she made chilli and a burrito using her own placenta, which she topped with shredded cheese and sour cream.

Ketrina Hill, 27, from Cambridgeshire, has eaten both of her kids’ placentas and believes this has proven greatly beneficial for her health and wellbeing, resulting in ‘quick recovery, less chance of post-natal depression and an increase in milk production’.


On January 17, 2016, Ketrina gave birth to her first baby, Finnley, and had intitially wanted to ingest the organ in the form of placenta encapsulation pills. However, as she was unable to afford the expenses involved in this process, she decided to look for alternative methods of consumption.

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Ketrina conducted research into how other mums had cooked and eaten their placenta and decided to give it a go herself. She would do this again after the birth of her second child, Luna, born April 28, 2020.

After her first delivery, Ketrina cooked up a chilli, mixing the placenta up with some more traditional minced beef. The second time around, she devoured the organ in the form of a burrito, also combining it with some beef.


After returning home from the hospital both times, Ketrina made sure to pop the placenta straight in the freezer before defrosting it for her post-birth feasts.

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Ketrina thinks it’s ‘great’ that Dani Dyer is also considering eating her placenta, explaining:

Seeing people in the media having a positive approach to ingesting placenta will help spread knowledge about how good it is.

I had a great recovery with my first, felt energised and was doing everything I was doing before birth very quickly and felt good in myself.

I didn’t know whether I felt so good because I had eaten the placenta, so I made the decision to do it again after my second baby and had the same experience.

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In order to whip up her Mexican-inspired burrito placenta, Ketrina chopped up the organ and mixed it up in a pot with some beef, slow-cooking the concoction until it was ready to eat. She then dolloped the mixture in a plain wrap and added her toppings of choice.

Ketrina would encourage all new mums eat their placenta, and believes these unusual meals helped her recover from giving birth quicker and helped bring her energy levels back up:

I would highly recommend it, it was an amazing experience and I believe it led to a quick recovery. I was a little unsure of what it would taste like but it was just like really rich irony beef.

It was slightly tough in the chilli, which is why I slow cooked it the second time, you couldn’t even tell which was the beef and which was the placenta.

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Although this might not be everyone’s favourite Barburrito order, absolutely fair play to Ketrina for finding ways to look after herself and keep her energy levels boosted.

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