Nando’s Has Unveiled Its First Christmas Menu


With everything that’s happened in 2016, Christmas and its yule tide joy couldn’t come faster.

And while nothing quite signals the countdown to Christmas like the arrival of festive adverts and holiday decor, you may want to start turning your attention towards Nando’s this time of year – they’ve just released their first Christmas menu.

That’s right, the UK’s favourite cheeky restaurant is going to have a festive menu for the very first time. And it looks delicious.


First on the menu? They’ve combined two Nando’s favourites in one burger: A flame-grilled boneless chicken thigh and chicken breast fillet.

Enter the PERi-Berry. According to Nando’s, it’s ‘served in a Portuguese roll on a bed of baby spinach… topped off with a PERi-Berry Chutney featuring cranberries, raspberries and blueberries, infused with PERi-PERi Chillies.’

And then there’s the wings. The Peri-Orange Wings will be similar to Nando’s classic dish but covered in a sticky, sweet glaze with a touch of orange and available in plates of three, five or ten wings, the Independent reports.


The Portuguese-inspired Christmas meals are set to go on sale from Tuesday November 16 in restaurants across the UK.

This is definitely going to make for one very, Peri Christmas.