Nando’s Speak Out On Rumours They’re Leaving UK After Brexit

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Portuguese themed restaurant Nando’s has rapidly became part of the British staple diet, so it will come as no surprise to you that people lost their shit when it emerged Nando’s might be going away. 

For some utterly unbeknownst reason to us, following the Leave campaign’s shock win in the EU referendum this morning, a rumour began to circulate online about Nando’s shutting its doors and leaving the UK for good, reports the Mirror.

And as you can probably imagine, the thought of waving goodbye to both the EU and Nando’s in the same day seemed to crush social media users everywhere, after news that every branch was to close spread like wildfire across the Internet.

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Originally, the rumour came from a Manchester based blog post, Manchester Insider, and within minutes, the fear and loathing had been shared, retweeted, screenshotted, and shared again innumerable times.

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But as the old saying goes, ‘don’t trust everything you see on the Internet’ – although it was already too late for some:

The rumour eventually got so big that Nando’s actually had to intervene and disprove the lies:

Somewhat ironically, Nando’s isn’t even a European invention.

Although the chicken shop sells Portuguese styled peri peri goodness, the original Nando’s was established in South Africa in the late ’80s.


So yeah. Relax. Nando’s isn’t going anywhere.

So sit down, chill, and have a cheeky Nando’s – but not like this guy.