Newlyweds’ Horrifying Severed Head Wedding Cake Shocks Guests

by : Lucy Connolly on : 19 Apr 2019 20:47
Couple have gruesome wedding cake@sideserfcakes/Instagram

Weddings, as much as they’re supposed to be the best day of our lives, are extremely stressful and can transform even the calmest of people into a whirlwind of emotion.

Not that I’ve ever got married, of course, but I can only imagine how much of a bridezilla I would turn into trying to get everything organised in time for the big day.


What should I wear? What should my bridesmaids wear? How many people should I invite? What music should everyone dance to? And what kind of cake should we get?! Too many decisions, too little time.

One cake-making couple had at least one major decision sorted though, with a gruesome severed head wedding cake taking centre stage at their wedding reception.

The couple’s creative cake featured their own severed heads lying next to the words, ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ – taking their vows more than a little literally.


As inventive and realistic as the cake was though, many people weren’t impressed after a picture of the design got posted to Facebook group That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming.

Underneath the picture, one person wrote, ‘thanks I HATE it’ – emphasising just how much they dislike the cake by making use of capital letters. Of course.

Another user described it simply as ‘cringey,’ while another joked, ‘nothing says love like severed heads…’


Made by Dave and Natalie of the Texas-based Sideserf Cake Studio, the cake received a much more positive reaction on their Instagram account when they posted a picture of it last year.

The couple, who are also hosts of Food Network’s Texas Cake House, proudly shared their creation last Halloween, writing:

Our severed head wedding CAKE! We (Dave and Natalie) were married just days before Halloween back in 2013. Happy anniversary and happy Halloween!

The picture quickly received more than 1.6K likes, with many describing the cake as ‘amazing’ and ‘terrifying’ – but in a good way, of course. One even described it as the ‘most famous cake’ on the internet.



I don’t know about you lot but this has given me serious cake envy. Firstly because I’d never be able to make anything as incredible as this, and secondly because I just know my wedding cake will be nowhere near as cool as that.

And they don’t stop at severed heads; the couple have also baked cakes that resemble the poo emoji, super-realistic looking unicorns, and pizza (the best of both worlds, right?)

Congratulations to the happy couple, and could I get some cake please?


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