Noodle Fans Divided Over Trick They Thought Everyone Knew

by : Daniel Richardson on : 15 Jun 2021 15:09
Noodle Fans Divided Over Trick They Thought Everyone KnewPA Images

Getting noodles and broth in one mouthful can be tricky, but one TikToker has the perfect life hack for it. 

Using a fork to eat noodles often leaves people with a bowl full of broth to slurp at the end of their meal. While some enjoy the extra drink, others have been coming up with ideas that could stop this scenario.


TikTok user, @mhalajewel, has shared a trick they learnt that allows them to get plenty of broth and noodles in one swoop.

Check out the viral video below:


The video explains, ‘I was on this girl live and she was eating her noodles with a fork and a spoon and I asked her why she was eating em like that, she said so she can get the juice with her noodles.’ The TikToker claimed this development has changed their life, as they demonstrated how the combination of cutlery works.


Some people approved of the unique concept, while others noted that this was something they did already. Nonetheless, plenty of people already knew of a very similar item; of the more than two million viewers, a lot of people noted the trick was just a spork with extra steps.

Equally, many people just offered insight into how they enjoy noodles. The most obvious suggestion for the uploader was to use ‘chopsticks and an asian soup spoon.’

Despite a mixed response, the TikToker has gone on to show the adaptability of the spoon and fork combination:



The follow-up video has received more positive comments, but it’s clear a case should still be made for a spork or chopsticks and a spoon.

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