One Man Changes Everything, Gets Pizza Delivered To His Train


It’s happened, one man has realised all our dreams and successfully ordered takeaway pizza – direct to his train carriage!

According to the Telegraph, dubstep producer DJ Artwork found himself on a five hour train journey from Glasgow to Sheffield without even a soggy cheese and onion sandwich on offer.

So, he began to explore his options: 

Soon, as so often happens, his mind turned to pizza:

The good people of Twitter were rooting for him…

With so much invested in it, you need to plan carefully…

But he had a pretty high level of moral support:

Then, the moment of confirmation…

The air was thick with tension…

In all the excitement his choice of toppings was called into question:

As the station neared, the tension mounted…

Was it actually going to happen? You’re damn right it was.

The pizza had landed:

The euphoria spread throughout the train and onto Twitter:

Remember guys, any goal can be achieved and dreams do come true.