Oreo Bagels Could Be The Most Indulgent Breakfast Treat Yet


We definitely weren’t convinced by rainbow bagels but these on the other hand, these are more like it…

The Bagel Nook’s ‘Oreo Overload Bagels’ are currently taking over social media as a result of their mouth watering combination of well, Oreo and bagels.

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According to Mashable the decadent breakfast treat from Freehold, New Jersey, is made up of a vanilla-chocolate swirled bagel – delicious –  smothered in cookies-n-cream-flavored cream cheese – please stop – with full Oreo cookies in the middle – oh lord.

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As if that wasn’t enough – The Bagel Nook is also home to several other delicious – but diabetes inducing – breakfast cereal throwbacks like Coco Puff Bagels and Cap N’ Crunch Bagels.

Well, breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all – and if you eat one of these every day it could also be your last!