Oreo Built A Doomsday Vault To Preserve Cookies For Future Generations

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Oreo Built A Doomsday Vault To Preserve Cookies For Future GenerationsOreo

Picture the scene: you wake up, surrounded by dust and rubble, to find an asteroid has struck the Earth.

Sorry, I know it’s bleak, but bear with me for a minute.

Somehow, you’ve survived the disaster. You emerge from the wreckage to find almost everything has been wiped out. But then, among the darkness, comes a glimmer of hope – a vault, full to the brim with Oreos, has survived. There will be joy on Earth again.


Learn more about the genius invention below:


Of course, it’s unlikely an asteroid will strike Earth any time soon – scientists tend to be able to give us a heads-up about that kind of thing – but if a disastrous event like that should ever occur it’s good to know that some of the world’s most precious creations will be safe.

The idea for an Oreo vault was inspired by Twitter user Olivia Gordon, who asked the all-important question: If an asteroid hits Earth, who will save the Oreos?


Olivia was referring to asteroid 2018VP1, which actually ended up zipping by Earth yesterday, November 2, without collision, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

In a truly epic PR video shared by Oreo, brand manager Beth McMorrow said she came across the tweet and started to worry about the fate of the cookies until she learned about the seed vault, a container which houses the world’s seeds to keep them safe from global disaster.


After a trip to Norway and few panicked days of construction, the Oreo vault was complete, ensuring the safety of a supply of the cookies along with some powdered milk so they can be enjoyed as the creators intended.

Oreo vaultOreo Cookie/Twitter

It’s probably worth acknowledging the fact that Oreos do have a shelf life, so it’s entirely possible future generations will be met with packets of cookies that are a few decades past their best, but the creators of the vault planned for such an eventuality by making sure to include the recipe for Oreos in the vault, too.


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The company provided the coordinations for the precious container in Svalbard, Norway, though it assured visitors they’d see it, saying: ‘It’s the one down the road from the giant seed vault’. Oreo also stressed that anyone who attempts to enter the vault before a doomsday event will be met with a passcode and Sven, the human head of security.

The fact that we’re all still here after the event that prompted the vault’s creation indicates that people won’t be rushing to raid its supplies any time soon, but should the end of the world ever loom again, it’s good to know the cookies are safe.

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