Papa John’s Now Selling Marmite And Cheese Mini Pizza Scrolls

Papa John's marmite scrollsPapa John's

Let’s face it, Papa John’s is generally loved by most people because, what’s not to love about pizza (and Italian food in general)?

But now they could be dividing opinion with their latest product – mini pizza scrolls. And while you might be wondering what’s so controversial about them, hold on a sec because I haven’t told you the filling yet.

In case the headline didn’t give it away for you, the new pizza scrolls don’t have a cheese and tomato filling, like you might expect. Instead, they’re filled with cheese and marmite.

Yep, marmite. You know, the spread which is famously associated with the tag line: ‘love it or you hate it’.

I have to say, it’s a brave move on Papa John’s part because they’re automatically ruling out around 50 per cent of the population. Including me.

Disclaimer: I once accidentally ordered a sandwich without realising it had marmite in it. Huge mistake – the sandwich was in the bin pretty much straightaway and I was left starving.

Papa John's marmite scrollsPapa John's

Anyway, I’m getting side tracked. I’m sure the chain has done their research and knows what they’re doing.

And if the cheesy marmite scrolls do sound like your kind of thing, I’d be getting to your nearest Papa John’s quick sharp because they’re only available in the UK until February 3.

So you’ve got less than a month to get your hands on the snack – the perfect way to beat the January blues…If you’re a marmite fan.

The pizza chain got their followers excited with a cheeky Instagram post last week, to make the announcement.

They wrote, alongside a video of two people trying the bites for the first time:

Love or hate January – pizza will see you through / Love or hate Marmite – it’s on the menu too

I mean, I’ll give them 10/10 for effort on the caption, even if I’m still not sold on what they’re trying to sell.

But maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, because social media has been inundated with people in full support of their latest product.

One person tweeted:

Love marmite love pizza.. 2019 is awesome [sic]

While another wrote:

Having not long finished a set, I can safely say that they’re fucking amazing!

And another said:

Papa John’s sell Marmite and cheese scrolls now. 2019 coming in hot

Others though, like me, weren’t convinced and said they’d never be ordering from Papa John’s again (a tad extreme). Some even said the thought alone made them sick.

I could’ve predicted this reaction though; marmite tends to invoke this reaction in people.

What do you think then – do you love or hate the idea?

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