Peanut Butter Flavour Twix Are Making A Glorious Comeback


Earlier this year, Twix absolutely devastated all self-respecting chocolate fans when they discontinued their peanut butter flavour bar.

They put the reasoning down to ‘supply issues’, whatever that means – and people weren’t happy in the slightest about losing out on the culinary delight.

But Twix made a bit of a U-turn and announced the return of the peanut butter bar back in July, promising its return by autumn.

Everyone thought the fan favourite would be back on their shelves by September, but alas this was not to be, and the general public is still lamenting the absence of a once great chocolate treat.

People have been struggling to find the bar, but Twix has insisted they are out there somewhere, in the bags or pockets of people roaming the streets, waiting to be found.

A lot of people seem to be bulk buying the Twix bars online, which we feel is absolutely cheating.

But there is a hashtag on Twitter which could be a way of following the steps to peanut butter heaven, and that’s #FoundNewTwix.

If you find a spot which sells the bars, you’d be forgiven for keeping its location a secret.

That’s probably why they’re still difficult to find.