People Are Chopping The Heads Off Angel Cookie Cutters To Make Baby Yodas

by : Julia Banim on : 18 Dec 2019 12:07
People Are Chopping The Heads Off Angel Cookie Cutters To Make Baby YodasPeople Are Chopping The Heads Off Angel Cookie Cutters To Make Baby Yodas@JRMcGrail/Twitter

For me, 2019 can be defined by one individual and one individual only. A being who acted as a shining green light in a 12-month mess of political spats and disappointing season finales.

Baby Yoda embodies everything we want during a rainy and cash-strapped festive season; a bundle of pure, hopeful joy we could gaze on forever. Not unlike a certain other supernatural child who arrived at this time of year.


Now, I wouldn’t go as far to say that Baby Yoda is some sort of holy deity, but he is certainly receiving his fair share of worship. From shrines built to him on The Sims to teary-eyed declarations of eternal love over Twitter, his tiny force has proven strong.

There's A Petition To Apple To Make Baby Yoda An EmojiThere's A Petition To Apple To Make Baby Yoda An EmojiDisney+

And what better way to celebrate this cherubic alien than to bake cookies – or biscuits, depending on your persuasion – in his beatific image?

My evening plans currently involve dodging the gym and baking up a batch of festive cookies for my unsuspecting colleagues. I’m by no means Bake Off material, but there is nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked cookie dough to get you in the Christmas spirit.


However, I just know whatever wobbly, crispy creations emerge from my oven tonight will pale in comparison to the incredible Baby Yoda cookies that have left Baking Twitter exclaiming in delight.

An ingenious Twitter user by the name of J.R. McGrail has served up an incredible baking hack to help you make a ‘homemade Baby Yoda cookie cutter’:

Baking hack: Chop off Angel head for a homemade Baby Yoda cookie cutter.


Absolutely phenomenal idea if you ask me. Many of us have an angel cookie cutter floating about in the back of the cupboard, and if you don’t then you can find them pretty much anywhere at this time of year.

Predictably, people have fallen at the little feet of Cookie Yoda; vowing to make their own as soon as they get home.

One person swooned:

Rarely does something that starts with “chop off Angel head” end with such a positive outcome.


Another gasped:

What a great holiday idea- I already have a Yoda in my nativity scene, so this will fit right in too!


If, like me, you struggle with the fiddlier aspects of baking, then you can always purchase a ready-made Yoda cookie cutter, with no decapitation necessary.

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