People Are ‘Cooking’ Chicken In The Sink And It’s A Disaster Waiting To Happen

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People Are 'Cooking' Chicken In The Sink And It's A Disaster Waiting To HappenTikTok/succhefful

Anyone who’s ever had food poisoning knows it is not a pleasant experience, yet one TikToker has still made it look as if they’re willing to make themselves sick by ‘cooking’ chicken in the sink. 

Let me just start this off by saying that while you can eat some meat rare, medium rare or even blue, ‘medium rare’ chicken is not a thing, and will almost certainly make you sick. If it doesn’t, you probably have a stomach of steel.


In spite of this fact, TikToker Succhefful has created a tutorial on how to get ‘pretty much guaranteed perfect medium rare’ chicken ‘every time’ with the help of their kitchen sink.

Check it out below; again, do not try this at home:


The video, which I stress is a joke, shows the ‘chef’ carelessly tossing a raw chicken breast into their kitchen sink before allowing what is presumably hot water to run over it.


The heat of the water succeeds in turning the outside of the meat from pink to white, but that in no way means that it’s being adequately cooked. Still, the TikToker perseveres and makes sure to flip the breast halfway through ‘cooking’ to make the shoddy attempt more even.

Once the outside of the chicken is almost completely white, the cook pats it dry in some kitchen paper before serving it up with some broccoli. To show exactly how successful – or terrible – the effort was, they then cut into the chicken to reveal the still-raw meat inside.

Raw chicken in sink (@succhefful/TikTok)@succhefful/TikTok

Dubbing the dish ‘sink chicken’, the TikToker joked: ‘If you haven’t tried a sink chicken you haven’t lived.’ To further indicate the meal isn’t serious, they added the hashtag ‘salmonella’.


I’m sure I’m not the only one who can say that if ‘sink chicken’ is living, I’m happy to continue in whatever state of consciousness I’m in at the moment.

Raw chicken served with broccoli (@succhefful/TikTok)@succhefful/TikTok

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Though the seriousness in which the TikToker appears to try and cook the chicken might seem real at first, a quick look at their account shows they’re all about satire when it comes to food, with other videos depicting questionable and not-so-edible looking dishes such as ‘Pringles cookies’ and ‘chocolate chicken’.

While everyone has their own taste in food, I probably wouldn’t recommend relying on Succhefful when it comes to inspiration for your next meal!


Featured Image Credit: @succhefful/TikTok

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  1. @succhefful/TikTok

    If you haven’t tried a sink chicken you haven’t lived. Pretty much guaranteed perfect medium rare every time