People Are Only Just Discovering Why Triscuits Are Called Triscuits

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 29 Mar 2020 15:25
People Are Only Just Discovering Why Triscuits Are Called TriscuitsTriscuit/Instagram

If you’re anything like me, and are spending your time in lockdown tucking into snack, after snack, after snack, you might find yourself nibbling on a Triscuit or two.

So, while you’re housebound, let me introduce you to a shocking little fact on why the snack is named as such.


When you’ve heard a name so many times, you never really stop to think about the origin of why we call it what we do, until Twitter users like Sage Boggs enlighten us, and then we’ll likely never be able to look at them the same again.

Boggs started a bizarre, yet genuinely fascinating thread about the time he learned the meaning behind why Triscuits are called Triscuits.

He explained that several years ago he was at a party, when he spotted a box of Trisuits and asked everyone what they thought the word ‘triscuit’ meant, noting that it’s ‘clearly based on the word biscuit’.


‘The consensus was that “TRI” means three. Maybe “three layers” or “three ingredients,”’ he recalled, adding, ‘no one knew for sure, though, so I Googled it. But here’s the thing — Google didn’t seem to have an official answer, either. Just more guesses.’

Desperate for answers, Boggs ‘went straight for the source’ and decided to email Nabisco, the company behind Triscuits. But, he wasn’t prepared for the response he received from the brand, which left him ‘shook to the core’.

‘No business records survived which specifically explain the origins or inspiration for the name Triscuit,’ the email read. ‘But we do know the name was chosen as fun derivation of the word biscuit. The TRI does not mean 3.’


Bogg was left questioning how on Earth they knew the tri didn’t mean three if there were no records, and what happened in the factory for all the records to be gone?!

‘Did the building explode? Did someone run out of the doors and yell “It doesn’t mean THREE!” right before perishing in a giant blaze?’ he asked.

Still yearning for answers, Boggs decided to do a bit of research of his own, eventually finding some early Triscuit advertisements, and that was when he made the realisation.


‘In the early 1900’s, Triscuit was run out of Niagara Falls. And their big selling point? Being “baked by electricity.” They were “the only food on the market prepared by this 1903 process.” Look at the lightning bolts! And that’s when it clicked. Elec-TRI-city Biscuit TRISCUIT MEANS “ELECTRICITY BISCUIT”’.

Incredible stuff. And, his story checks out, as the official Triscuit Twitter shared the thread, writing: ‘We had to go all the way up the ladder, but we CAN confirm’.

What a time to be alive. Happy snacking, folks.

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Sage Boggs/Twitter
  1. Sage Boggs/Twitter