People Are Understandably Losing Their Sh*t Over Creme Egg Crodoughs

Twitter/Tom Henson

I’ll start with an apology to anyone who is trying to give up sweet, delicious treats for Lent.


In great news for everyone else – or at least people who live within a commutable distance – East London’s Rinkoff Bakery is now doing Creme Egg crodoughs

These unbelievably delicious sounding pastries are made by frying croissant dough, injecting Creme Egg fondant into the middle of the dough ring and then topping it off with more fondant and a mini Creme Egg.


They’re now available until March 26th and – in what is possibly the best news of all – you don’t even have to travel because you get them through Deliveroo.

It sounds like you’ll have to be quick though. Rinkoff bakers told Metro that they only make a limited amount each day and – obviously – they always sell out with people often buying two or three at a time.

There is some good news though. If they do sell out there’s a whole host of other epic flavours to choose from.

They also have a S’mores crodough filled with Nutella and topped with soft marshmallow.


Or there’s the one filled with salted caramel and topped with pistachio.

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Even the peanut butter and jam version is too much to cope with.

I may as well just start mainlining sugar directly into my eyeballs…