People Are Worried That This Chocolate Could Be The Latest Brexit Casualty

by : UNILAD on : 25 Jun 2016 12:17
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With all of us still coming to terms with the massive decision of the UK leaving the EU, there are concerns all over the place. 


The British economy, the sharp fall in the value of Sterling (hitting a 35 year low in fact), Scotland and possibly even Northern Ireland considering to leave the UK, and the likelihood of Boris Johnson becoming the next PM- not exactly great things.

But anyway, enough of this- apparently the British public has much bigger concerns.


First, everyone was panicking that a cheeky Nandos was going to become a thing of the past, after rumours emerged of it shutting up shop if we voted to leave the EU. Claims they soon rubbished.


But now everyone is worried about our childhood’s chocolate of choice, Milky Way Magic Stars.


This photo of Magic Stars went viral last month, after the little message printed on the bottom of the packet said: “Product should not be sold outside of the EU.”

You’ve got to wonder if this was part of the Remain campaign we would have voted to stay in?

Needless to say, everyone was very upset:



While others thought they could profit from it:


But, before you panic we won’t actually be saying goodbye to these awesome treats.

A spokesperson for Mars – the company which makes Magic Stars – told The Mirror: “We know how much consumers love Milky Way Magic Stars and fans can rest assured that they will remain on sale in the UK.”


Well thank God for that, my fears are well and truly gone about Brexit. Oh wait, no they’re not.

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