People Can’t Decide If This Woman’s Noodle Hack Is Genius Or Too Complicated

by : Cameron Frew on : 30 Jun 2021 20:04

Another day, another TikTok food hack – however, people are unsure whether it’s useful, lazy or a big rigmarole for a mouthful of noodles.

Every day, we go about our silly little lives, eating our food, doing things the same way. We don’t think about it, we just think it’s normal. But what if we could aspire to something more, even if it’s as simple as improving the way we eat noodles?


Earlier this month, we uncovered a hack that showed foodies how to eat noodles without having all the sauce drip away. Now, we’re here to maximise your chopstick twirling.


Back in February, TikTok user @hookwormegg showed off a new way to eat noodles. ‘I’m bad at using chopsticks but this is the most effective way to get max nood per bite w minimal mess and noodle slippage,’ she wrote. ‘This is how I eat every bite of my noodles don’t you think it’s quite neat.’

Whether you use chopsticks or a fork when you eat noodles is neither here nor there. What matters here is the hack itself: instead of fiddling around with the chopsticks, sucking up loose noodles, you can use both of them to twirl a load of noodles while holding them horizontally. You then turn the chopsticks around and enjoy a heftier mouthful.

Will you try this noodle hack? (@hookwormegg/TikTok)@hookwormegg/TikTok

The video has been viewed nearly 10 million times. ‘Just say you can’t use chopsticks and move on,’ one user criticised. ‘This is such a lazy way to eat noodles,’ another wrote.

Others were more positive. ‘Not to be dramatic but you just changed my entire life, noodles will never be the same,’ one user commented. ‘That’s brilliant, best thing I’ve seen all day,’ declared another.

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  1. @hookwormegg/TikTok

    im bad at using chopsticks but this is the most effective way to get max nood per bite w minimal mess and noodle slippage #fyp