People Like Pizza More Than Their Friends, Study Finds


A case study from MIT has shown that people prefer pizza to their own friends.

I’m gonna be real with you for a second, for me, pizza would get picked over most things in life.

Secondly I didn’t need a study to tell me what I already know, I’d pick most things over my friends – not because I’m a horrible person (that depends on who you ask actually), it’s that I find, just like failed relationships and promises from politicians, your mates can let you down.

Pizza doesn’t do that, pizza is always there for you. Pizza is the life, the way, the truth. All those who don’t believe in the almighty pizza deserve nothing but pain.


I realise that last sentence makes me sound like I’m part of pizza cult – I’m not honestly.

According to the geniuses at MIT they offered free pizza to a select number of people – with the catch that they give out their friends’ email address.

This sounds like an excellent telemarketer scam -but lo and behold 98 per cent of those taking part in the study gave away their friends’ details for that sweet glorious pizza.

What’s surprising about the study is that 74 per cent of citizens in the United States (where MIT is based) have said having control over your personal details is important while another 60 per cent said they wouldn’t trust anyone else or share their email contacts with a unknown outlet.

But when there’s free pizza involved our principles and loyalty to those nearest and dearest to us goes straight out of the window.

The authors of the study said:

Whereas people say they care about privacy, they are willing to relinquish private data quite easily when incentivised to do so.

The results highlight how small incentives such as a cheese pizza can have a large effect on decisions about privacy.

[It is] important to rethink how consent is given in all these applications, mostly to make sure that consumers are actually making a choice consistent with their preferences.

As more of our lives are becoming digital, making sure we have control over how and when our data is used will become more important over time.

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So if you find yourself bombarded with calls regarding PPI or claims that you’ve had a car accident in the last six-months there’s a good chance your mate has given away your details for a stuffed crust pepperoni pizza (with extra cheese) from Papa Johns.

Don’t act all high and mighty about it either, you’d do the same.