People Making Milkshakes In Their Toilets Nails Internet Food Culture

by : Julia Banim on : 14 Jun 2021 15:28
People Making Milkshakes In Their Toilets Nails Internet Food Culturebananalovesyoutoo/TikTok

A video of milkshake being churned in a toilet brilliantly – and disgustingly – nails a certain type of contemporary internet food culture.

From that bizarre period of time when everything and everyone was a cake, to the divisive Cheeto hot sauce recipes, it’s fair to say lockdown has sparked some weird and sometimes wonderful TikTok food trends.


Now, TikToker Anna Rothfuss has skewered such trends with a number of satirical foodie videos, including one where she makes and ‘drinks’ milkshake from the toilet.

You can check it out below, but please do make sure you’ve had your dinner first, and don’t try it home:


As someone who loves a big, swirly milkshake with all the toppings, but shudders at the thought of eating within 10ft of a toilet, this video has done weird things to my gag reflex.


Rothfuss kicks things off by blocking the toilet’s u-bend with some sort of brown material, before spiralling a swirl of chocolate sauce all over the inside of the bowl. She then tops this with a hearty dollop of whipped cream.

The TikToker then took away the tank cover for ‘the most important part’, pouring in yet more chocolate sauce alongside a ridiculous amount of milk. Returning to the bowl, Rothfuss chucked in a few handfuls of sprinkes, plus some glacé cherries before sticking in a few colourful straws.

Then she flushed, with the milky substance from inside the tank churning the creamy contents of the bowl into chocolate milk. Honestly, if you didn’t know what you were looking at and squinted a bit, you would think it looked kind of appetising…

Featured Image Credit: bananalovesyoutoo/TikTok


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